Q. Where/how are Native Nectar Botanicals products made?

A. Native Nectar Botanicals is based in Denver, Colorado. All products are made in small batches and handcrafted with care. Formulas have been thoroughly researched and tested for their effectiveness as well as nourishing and healing properties. 

Q. Are all ingredients organic?

A. All herbs used in Native Nectar products are Organic or ethically wildcrafted. Many other ingredients used throughout Native Nectar products are organic while others are not. All ingredients used are high quality, non-toxic and cruelty free. 

Q. What does "natural" skincare mean? 

A. Native Nectar skincare utilizes the best nature has to offer for achieving healthy, beautiful skin including plant extracts, oils, essential oils, and compounds that occur naturally in skin (like Hyaluronic Acid). You will never find ethoxylates, formaldehyde donors, sulfates, parabens, artificial colors, synthetic fragrance, or ingredients tested on animals.

Q. Do Native Nectar products expire?

A. Herbal Tinctures when properly stored (sealed and out of extreme temperatures) can last for many (5 or more) years due to the alcohol content. Therapeutic Oils, Salt Soaks, and Skincare are best if used within 6-12 months of purchase and stored out of direct sunlight and extreme temperatures. Keep skincare fresh for longer by avoiding exposure to moisture and by removing products in jars with clean hands or other utensil so as not to introduce germs into formulas. 

Q. Are herbal remedies safe? 

A. When used properly, herbal remedies are quite safe. All the same, it's important to remember that they're a form of medicine. Herbal medicine should not be used to treat serious problems or lingering symptoms without consulting a health care professional. The cautions listed on Native Nectar products are there to encourage you to use the remedies wisely and to have a conversation with your medical practitioner if you have any concerns about adding herbal products to your health regimen. 

Q. What is a tincture? 

A. A tincture is a liquid extract that is made by soaking herbs in a solvent comprised typically of grain alcohol and water, which draws out the active medicinal ingredients from the herbs. The liquid is then strained and  pressed and the remaining herb discarded. Tinctures are a convenient way to receive the benefits of herbal medicine. When stored properly (out of direct sunlight and in moderate temperatures) they can last for many years. 

Q. Can I take more than one tincture at a time?

A. The best way to incorporate multiple tinctures into your health routine is to start with one tincture, take it according to directions for a few days to a week and be aware of how your body reacts, positives and negatives. Once you have given your system time to adapt then add in another tincture and again pay attention to how your body responds. If you are using your tinctures consistently on a daily basis then I recommend not using more than two at a time. 

Q. Is herbal medicine the same as homeopathy? 

A. The short answer is no. Homeopathy is the practice of taking minute doses of a natural substance that when taken in a large dose by a healthy person would produce the same symptoms that are being treated.

Q. Should I be taking herbs when pregnant or breastfeeding?  

A. There are some herbs that are considered safe and even helpful during pregnancy and breastfeeding, however, due to the risks involved you should always have a conversation with a qualified practitioner before taking any herbal supplement if you are pregnant or nursing. 

Q. What are Therapeutic Oils and how do they work? 

A. Native Nectar's Therapeutic Oils are pre-diluted Aromatherapy blends using high quality, pure essential oils. Essential oils work in several ways, small amounts are absorbed through the skin into the bloodstream, through inhalation essential oils are absorbed into the lungs then carried to different systems of the body, and finally, when smelled the essential oil molecules have a direct pathway to the limbic system of the brain which  involves motivation, emotions, learning and memories. Native Nectar's Therapeutic Oils have been safely diluted but not all blends are recommended for children, pregnant or nursing women. Please check with your healthcare provider if you have any concerns about using essential oils. Never ingest essential oils internally or use on irritated, broken skin. 

Q. What is your return policy?

A. If your product arrives damaged, a replacement will be sent free of charge. If you're unsatisfied with a product please email hello@nativenectarbotanicals.com to discuss return options. 

Q. What if it doesn't "work"?

A. Herbal medicine is based on ancient knowledge that has been passed down through generations that is now being backed by exciting scientific studies proving its efficacy. This being said, it is not a magic pill and not meant to simply mask symptoms. Ideally, herbal remedies are to be used in conjunction with lifestyle adjustments, proper nutrition and adequate rest. In addition, some herbal tinctures are meant to be taken long term (i.e. Beat the Blues) some are meant to be taken short term (i.e. Immunity) and some are best when used for a period of time and then you give your system a short break (i.e. Energy & Focus). If you would like more information on how to get the best results from your Native Nectar products, please contact me at hello@nativenectarbotanicals.com. 

Q. When can I expect to receive my order?

A. Please allow up to a week for your order to be processed and shipped. 

Q. Do you offer wholesale ?

A. Yes! Please send a message to hello@nativenectarbotanicals.com for wholesale inquiries. 


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